They held their prancing horses, but the first ever Ferrari SUV has arrived and it´s better than we could have even imagined!

Rent a Ferrari Purosangue and you´ll be rewarded with an epic engine, rapid acceleration, dynamic handling and a luxurious interior packed with high-end features.

Ferrari Purosangue Rental

A Ferrari Purosangue rental is the first four-door SUV the mark has ever produced and it´s quickly risen up the ranks. Spacious and practical, yet also sleek, luxurious, insanely powerful, agile in the corners and blisteringly fast on the straights it isn´t a compromise; a Ferrari Purosangue rental simply provides you with more!

Featuring a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that generates 725bhp, as well as advanced air suspension and driver assistance technology that adjusts according to the terrain and grip, a Ferrari Purosangue rental has more tools in its toolbox than most other prancing horse models.

Then of course there´s the Ferrari Purosangue rentals innovative rear doors, that allow maximum access to the back seats because they are hinged from the rear and open at a 90-degree angle. The interior also features four bucket seats, rather than a back seat bench, a touchpad steering wheel, a 10-inch display on the dash in front of the passenger and the largest boot to ever feature on a Ferrari model.

A Ferrari Purosangue rental sets a new standard in the super SUV class! Whether you´re intrigued by its unique configuration, in awe of its aesthetics or you simply want to feel the power of that pure-bred Ferrari engine, a Ferrari Purosangue rental won´t disappoint! Contact us today to reserve a Ferrari Purosangue rental France for your next trip and enjoy exploring in thrilling prancing horse style.

Where can you rent a Ferrari Purosangue in France?

Paris, Nice, Saint Tropez, Marseille, Courchevel, Val d'Isère or the Champagne region; when you arrange your Ferrari Purosangue rental with our experienced team at Europe Luxury Services you name the location and we´ll meet you there.

Each one of our Ferrari rental packages is totally unique and tailor-made to suit our clients plans and preferences, so whether you want to rent a Ferrari Purosangue from Nice Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Lyon Airport or Marseille Airport, we´ll ensure your Ferrari Purosangue rental is waiting to greet you as soon as you land.

Alternatively, you might prefer your Ferrari Purosangue rental to be delivered directly to your five-star hotel, your private villa or an alternative landmark and that´s fine too because we provide meet-and-greet, door-to-door service as standard.

If you are looking forward to exploring France in style then a Ferrari Purosangue rental is a worthy choice. Why not contact us today to request your bespoke rental quote and it could be you in the driving seat on your next trip to France.